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Earthship in Ohio

We host monthly tours of our self-sustaining "Tire Home" and invite you to check it out!

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We were inspired by our children to live more sustainably, and with them in tow we have built our life!

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Sustainable building consulting services & homemade cosmetics and personal care items!

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." -Chinese proverb

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welcome to our Humble hive!

Not that long ago, we were like most other young couples you likely know; newly married, first time home owners working professional jobs. Despite hitting all the milestones, we felt unfulfilled. Even after buying and fixing up a rental property, we were restless. We knew we wanted more out of our lives.

The impending arrival of our first born pushed us to ask questions. What kind of life did we want for him? We knew there was a better way, and whatever it was, we wanted that for our son. After much soul-searching, we came to the conclusion that modern life, with its endless material consumption and complete disconnect from that which sustained us, was the root source of our discontent. As we learned more about the environmental impact of our way of life, we felt the need to make drastic changes. We wanted to do better for our children and yours.

In 2013, we chose to act. We sold our rental property, later rented out our home, and purchased five acres of farmland in rural Cedarville, OH. There, we pursued the lofty goal of building an Earthship-inspired home out of recycled tires, cans and bottles, all held together with dirt, clay, straw, and sand. Zac designed our dream home himself, and we built it from the ground up with the help of friends, family and strangers along the way.

Today, our home is completely self-sustaining. Our water comes from rainwater harvested from the roof. We use solar panels to provide electricity (to-be-installed) and the home heats and cools itself naturally by using solar gain and thermal mass. Whenever possible we have used reclaimed and secondhand materials, making our Humble hive a one-of-a-kind abode that treads lightly on our environment.

As our “hive” nears completion, we are now focused on building up our land using permaculture (permanent agriculture) principles. We use chickens, ducks and pigs to work to build up the soil, take care of undesirable pests and plant life naturally, and to provide a steady supply of truly home-grown food. 

Although we have realized our dreams, we refuse to become complacent. To this end, we are committed to sharing the principles of our way of life with others who are interested in reducing their environmental footprint. We hold monthly tours of our lovely Ohio Earthship-inspired home, host homesteading and natural building workshops, offer sustainable building consulting services, and sell homemade cosmetics and personal care items made with natural ingredients for the whole family. 

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about us and the life we have chosen. Every journey starts somewhere, and we hope yours will begin here.

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