• Work with your Architect and/or Engineer to design your sustainable dream home
    • Rammed Earth Tire Construction
    • Tire Bale Construction
    • Straw Bale Construction
    • Earth Bag Construction
  • Provide contact list to assist in building of your home
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Contractors
    • Solar Installers
    • Building Supply Distributors
  • Act as the “go-between” with your local building officials to ensure they understand the legitimacy of your alternative home build
  • Guide you through the building permit process
    • Basic building permits
    • Solar Permits
    • Rainwater harvesting and cistern installation permits
    • Composting toilet requirements and hurdles
    • EPA permit process (should you be utilizing tires to construct your home)
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for those who desire to build their home themselves with corresponding
    • Reading lists
    • Videos
    • Drawings
  • Create materials lists for you or your contractors
    • Source the most inexpensive suppliers
    • Create a spreadsheet for you based on findings
  • Design a Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System for your home powered by your wood stove
  • Conduct site consultations as needed to provide you with in-person guidance and information
  • Conduct workshops at your build site to assist you in constructing your home
    • Organize and recruit workshop participants to assist in the building of your home and allow them hands-on experience with alternative building methods

​Our standard hourly rate is $65/hour (broken down into 15-minute increments as applicable).  

It is most efficient to talk in person, over the phone or via Skype though email consultation services can be arranged if absolutely necessary. Site consultation services will be arranged on a case-by-case basis due to the varying travel considerations that will be unique to the client's needs. 


building an earthship

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You don't have to go through this process alone! Zac can help you realize your goal of living in the sustainable home of your dreams. He can help as little or as much as you see fit. Zac takes great joy in learning all he can about sustainable home construction and helping others realize their dreams and as such, it would make his day to hear from you! 


Range of Services including

but not limited to the following:

Zac is a Commercial & Industrial Electrician by trade and has enjoyed many years of home remodeling experience as well as sustainable building design and construction experience. He would attest that designing and building his sustainable Earthship-inspired home has been his most informative education to date. When not working on his home, he can be found researching innovative building techniques that tread lightly on our environment with great fervor

Interested in learning more or setting up a consult? Give us a call at (937) 769-5060, email us at heythere@thehumblehive.com, or fill out the form below and we'll call you back (usually within 24 hours).

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