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​ ​The Humble hive​  Ohio Earthship, Tire House, earthship desig

When?  The first Saturday of each month at 1 PM

How Long? Tours usually run 2-3 hours

What is the cost?  $10/ person; children five and under free

Tour our Ohio Earthship

and Sustainable Farm!

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The first Saturday of each month, we open up our Earthship-inspired home to the community for tours (we don't consider our home to be a standard "Earthship" as Zac designed it himself and modified it according to our climate and our county's requirements). Each visit lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the size of the group and the number of questions. The cost is $10 per person; with children five and under free. Each tour is capped off at a maximum of 25 people.

The visit begins with our Tire Home; showcasing each of the self-sustaining amenities we enjoy, including rainwater harvesting, solar panels and natural heating/cooling elements, among others. We will discuss the basic method of construction and answer any questions as they arise. Along the way we will share our incredible journey from city dwellers to sustainable homesteaders, including the triumphs and missteps in the hopes of improving the process for others.

After the home tour we will move outside to hear all about our four and two-legged "land partners." Chickens, ducks and pigs have all been invited to reside alongside us, each with a sustainable purpose. Our “land partners” will hopefully help us breath new life into our five acres of farmland, while producing some meat and eggs along the way!  

In addition, we will share our secrets for creatively raising and feeding all our livestock on a shoe-string budget while providing them with high quality food they enjoy. We will end the tour by sharing our plans for the future, which includes producing at least 60 percent of the food necessary to sustain our lives (a hefty project we are excited to undertake).

Join us following the formal tour for refreshments, snacks, questions and lively discussion!​​