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Vermi- what?! Vermicomposting! That's composting with worms, ya'll. Not just any worms though. They're a blend of red wigglers that are particularly voracious eaters. This workshop includes the completed worm bin (out of a recycled plastic bin) and the worms to go with it. You'll receive all the information you need to get started with your magical wigglers as well as how to harvest your very own ​black gold.

Maximum Participants= 5 people or families

Workshops will begin in the future (undetermined at this time). Take a look at potential offerings below and fill out this form so we can contact you when dates are set. More detailed descriptions are written below this form.

Knowledge is the foundation from which happiness and freedom are gained. As such, we share the information we've picked up thus far via two monthly workshops on a variety of sustainable building and homesteading topics. These workshops will be led by Lauren or Zac Craig, or by a guest with considerable knowledge on the given topic. Some are free of charge while a fee is associated with others. Is there a topic you would be interested in learning more about? Let us know and we'll see if we can find someone knowledgeable on the topic to host the workshops that interest you!

Raising Chickens for Beginners


Workshop Offerings

Can't attend in person? No worries! We can arrange for you to attend via Skype and receive any information via email. Just let us know upon registration.

Our head rooster, James. He's an Ameraucana.

Our sweet barrow, Finnegan. He's a KuneKune crossed with an American Guinea Hog

Interested in raising chickens on your land or in your backyard? This workshop will share all the information you need to get started in raising chickens for eggs, meat and enjoyment. Chickens truly are the easiest animals to raise on a homestead (that we've come across) and provide so much in return for your efforts. We'll also share our tips for feeding chickens on a shoestring budget! 

Maximum Participants= 20 people

Have you always dreamed of living in an Earthship-inspired home?! Now's your chance to obtain all the basic information on making your dream a reality. Finding suitable land, designing your home, obtaining proper permits (EPA, building, cistern, solar, etc.), the true costs of building such a home, realistic timelines, tools needed, and more will all be covered in this 3-hour workshop. We'll share all of the paperwork and contacts we've made along the way to save you countless hours of researching and planning. You'll leave with a wealth of knowledge that will empower you to make a more informed decision about what it will realistically take to build your sustainable dream home. Upon leaving, you'll receive an email with copies of all the paperwork we have on-hand that allowed us to obtain authorization from The Powers That Be to build a sustainable home. We wish something like this was offered when we were in the planning stages of our Earthship-inspired home!

Maximum Participants= 15 people




Worm Bin & Worms Included!!!

​"Earthship" Planning and Preparations 

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